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Chelsea Black, Newstead

Chelsea Black, Newstead

Hi Bernadine,

I am taking the opportunity to write to you today, to thank you for the excellent service you provide not only to myself as a property owner but also to my tenants, your efforts are very much acknowledged and appreciated.

On my most recent visit to the property the tenants could not have spoken more highly of you. Coming from New Zealand where they rented previously and now having rental experience in Australia, they mentioned they had not come across a more professional, personable property manager than yourself and Karen, every dealing was a pleasure and they were confident in knowing that any query or concern would be tended to almost immediately and responsively.

I myself am privileged to know this from dealing with you from a property owner perspective but I honestly was thrilled to hear such an excellent report from the tenants also. From my perspective, happy tenants = long term tenants. You have a tremendous grasp of the market and possess the intuitive feeling of which tenants are well suited to my property, and this is prevalent in that I have had no vacancy in the property for the 2 years since commencing with Integrity PM.

I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism, expertise and tireless effort in managing my investment property, your knowledge is unparalleled to any other property manager I have employed. It would be very hard for me to envision anyone doing a better job than yourself and Karen and for that I cannot thank you enough.

Many thanks and kind regards,'

Bernadine Graham

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