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Dennis & Leanne Ogden, Aranda

Dennis & Leanne Ogden, Aranda

Dear Bernadine

As we’re now coming to the end of another year, I wanted to write to express our sincere appreciation for the way in which you, Karen and the whole team at Integrity have looked after our rental property over the past two and a half years.

I think I mentioned previously that we had purchased this property in 2008 through one of the largest and best known real estate companies in Queensland, and initially entrusted them with the management of the property. Unfortunately, the next two years were a running battle in trying to get them to provide statements on time, collect the rent when due, conduct inspections and try to manage repairs and maintenance issues. After this unmitigated disaster, we turned to a smaller local company, but with no better outcome, and in fact had to terminate this contract early due to constant changes in personnel and poor management practices.

We were subsequently referred to Integrity Property Group, and what had been a living hell and constant worry with the previous property managers became an absolute pleasure when dealing with Karen and yourself. Since then we have received every single statement on time, you sourced the “perfect new tenant” when the property became vacant, have collected the rent on time every time, and have managed the property as well if not better than we could have done ourselves.

You have always communicated with us when and as any issues have arisen, and in a most professional, friendly, supportive manner – and importantly, because we are so far away, with a minimum of fuss and limited input needed from us. In fact, we have been to Brisbane on a number of occasions in recent years, but rarely found it necessary to even call in to inspect the property – we have the utmost confidence in your services and know that the property is being well cared for .

Thank you again to you and the team for your ongoing assistance and attention, and we look forward to many more years of a mutually beneficial business arrangement. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the services of Integrity Property Group to anybody who is looking for the best possible property management services at a most reasonable charge.

Yours sincerely'

Bernadine Graham

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