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Liz, Daisy Hill

Liz, Daisy Hill

Hi Bernadine

I just wanted to thank you for your support during my tenancy in Begonia Street. I was immensely impressed by the high standard you maintain for your clients and would recommend you in a heartbeat to anyone keen to protect the value and quality of their investment. I was also grateful for the fair, balanced and responsive approach you take toward tenants. Any questions or concerns I had were addressed quickly and I always felt confident as a result in being transparent with you – whether it be maintenance/house questions or simply keeping you updated on my own plans. All in all, for what will hopefully be my final tenancy for many years, it was a high note to end on from a relationship perspective.

I wish you all the best and, as mentioned, will happily recommend your services for the high standard of care and quality and the effort to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for all.'

Bernadine Graham

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